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              ?Making a difference with meaningful innovation for our patients, healthcare providers and in our communities

              For more than 85-years, we have worked at the intersection of saving and sustaining lives – giving us powerful insights that inform the development of innovative technologies and approaches to healthcare globally. Stay in touch with the latest perspectives from important members of our collective healthcare community.

              CEO Insights

              Joe Almeida shares his outlook on a range of topics, from the importance of a company’s culture to innovation that delivers greater access to care.

              Patients' Stories

              ?Patients’ journeys inspire our work and drive our commitment to advance new standards of care.

              Healthcare Insights

              We’re engaging with industry thought leaders to explore how science and innovation advance healthcare.

              Community Engagement

              Enriching the communities where we live and work aligns with our mission to save and sustain lives.

              People of Baxter

              Our organization is enriched by a diverse population of individuals that work together to drive better healthcare options for patients around the world.?