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              Hospital Care

              Hospital Care

              From the pharmacy to the bedside, we understand the critical role medication preparation and delivery plays in hospital care for you and your loved ones.

              When moments matter in the hospital, you should be focused on recovery. We are focused on supporting you and your healthcare providers with effective IV medications and infusion technologies, designed with safety in mind.

              As a leader in medication preparation and delivery, our IV solutions, premixed drugs, pharmacy and infusion technologies are found in hospitals and clinics in more than 100 countries around the world. We believe patients deserve access to medications and technologies that are designed to promote effective administration and reduce preventable drug errors.

              Spectrum IQ Infusion System

              Advancing Safety in the Hospital

              Our innovations in the hospital help pharmacists and nurses protect patient safety throughout the process to prepare and administer IV medicine. It takes several steps to prepare a medication?for a patient;?starting with a doctor's prescription, followed by pharmacist's preparation and finally the nurse's administration of the medication through an IV line.?Preventable errors can happen at any point in this process, which is why we offer innovative technologies with features that are designed with safety in mind to?help support?accurate delivery of medication to each?patient. Our pharmacy technologies help identify possible dosing errors before they reach the patient, and technologies in our new Spectrum IQ Infusion System with Dose IQ?Safety Software?can alert a nurse if the wrong drug is being given, or if the dose has been changed to a potentially dangerous level.


              We work with a wide range of hospitals and clinics, as well as disaster relief organizations to help ensure vital fluids and medications are available when you need them.


              Our premixed drugs and solutions are prepared with precision accuracy, and our pharmacy technology supports safe custom preparation; helping to ensure consistent treatment.


              Our intelligent infusion systems and premixed solutions are designed for simple and intuitive use, helping to reduce the risk of preventable medication errors and infections.

              5 %

              Nearly 5% of hospitalized patients experience an adverse drug event1

              1.2 Million

              Hospitalizations are impacted by preventable adverse drug errors associated with injectable medications.2