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              PRISMAX System for Critical Care

              PRISMAX System for Critical Care

              Image of PRISMAX Helios

              The PRISMAX System?is designed to give healthcare professionals more confidence in the delivery of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and other organ support therapies.

              The PRISMAX system is designed to provide individualized and effective therapies for critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). The flexible system meets the demands of multiple therapies and is compatible with a wide range of membranes for individual patient needs, including lower body weight patients (>8kg).

              We collaborated with critical care experts to develop the next generation of acute care technology by asking more than 650 ICU healthcare professionals from more than 50 ICUs around the world how we could help address some of their greatest challenges.

              Building on 20-plus years of critical care expertise, the PRISMAX system helps clinicians meet the evolving needs of their ICU to maximize therapy delivery and the quality of patient care now and in the future through enhanced simplicity, efficiency and accuracy. The PRISMAX system builds on Baxter’s commitment to safety with integrated features that monitor therapy setup and delivery and may help reduce human error.

              Simplify Therapy

              The PRISMAX System is designed to simplify the complexities of delivering CRRT, which may help?reduce nursing burden..

              More Efficient Treatment

              The PRISMAX System automates labor-intensive tasks to streamline clinician workflow.

              More Accurate

              The PRISMAX system’s unique technology enables clinicians to optimize therapy by improving treatment accuracy and system performance.

              Intended Use Information

              The PRISMAX system is indicated for use on patients weighing 8 kg (17.6 lb) or more. A higher minimum patient weight limit may apply to the disposable set (refer to the applicable instructions).

              The PRISMAX control unit is intended for:

              ? Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for patients with acute renal failure and/or fluid overload.

              ? Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Therapy (TPE) for patients with diseases where removal of plasma components is indicated.

              ? Hemoperfusion (HP) for patients with conditions where immediate removal of substances by adsorption is indicated.

              All treatments administered via the PRISMAX control unit must be prescribed by a physician.

              WARNING! Use only fluids designed for intravenous operations and are approved for CRRT/TPE/HP usage. Do not use fluids intended for any other usage like enteral feedings/lipids or cytotoxic drugs.


              Rx Only.?For safe and proper use of products mentioned herein, please see appropriate Operators Manual or Instructions for Use.